Shadow Work A Time of Transformation, Death, and Rebirth

Shadow Work a time to transform, die, and be reborn

It’s the time of year to do what some call shadow work. Shadow work is taking a deeper look into ourselves and addressing what most want to bury deep down and try to forget about. It’s the time of year where there are shorter days and longer nights. We associate digging deeper within ourselves as being something dark because it brings up old hurts and past traumas for some. In reality this is a very good thing to do, shinning light into those dark places so as to clear out that negative and stagnant energy. To transform oneself is to let the old die and give way to the rebirth of a new person, a healed person. This is what shadow work does, it makes you face your darkness until that darkness has no affect on you. I myself have had to do this many times. As a Medium and healer myself I have come a long way in my shadow work. I’ve had to revisit things in my past and face them head on to be able to move forward and use my gifts to help others. My spiritual team have brought to my attention that I have had these experiences as to be able to help others who’ve experienced similar things. So that I can relate on that same level and have the compassion for them that I never received. I needed to revisit the past several times to heal from it. The more trauma the more times I needed to revisit it to truly heal from it. You will know when you’ve truly healed, by facing that trauma and having no reaction to it. You won’t feel saddened, or hurt, you won’t feel anything. Well maybe gratitude, because you will see how far you’ve come and grown from the person you used to be and how empowered you’ve become. . Only then can you move forward with a new light to bring to the world. A light for those that are in a dark place to see and find hope for themselves. So embrace the shadow work and let it help heal you in ways that you’ve only read about in others stories. Write a new chapter in your book of life and be proud of the work that you’ve dedicated to yourself, because you are what matters. You are here to heal yourself first. We are all here to learn lessons and become the best versions of ourselves. So I say to you embrace this time of year and do the shadow work. Face your past and heal from it now so that it doesn’t carry over into your future.

Author: melaniethemessenger

I’m a wife, mother, and Medium. This is my story of my journey.

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