My Gifts Have Evolved

I’ve been doing readings for a while now and thought I had things worked out with spirit on how I received information. Well, they had other plans. I was giving a reading when all of a sudden it felt as if a spider was climbing my arm and bit me. I jumped and looked but there was no spider. Then in a flash it was shown to me that someone from my sitters family was bitten by a spider. So I asked, was their anyone bitten recently by a spider? She raised her arm to show that she in fact had been bitten by the spider. I thanked spirit for the information, but was confused as to why it was given in such a manner. I mean why bite me? Later that day I was doing a reading for a young lady that had lost her father. I too lost my father three and a half years ago. As I opened up for her reading, I saw my father standing with hers. I was overcome with emotion for a split second. Then in a flash my father showed me that she lost her father in a quick and unexpected accident. Then her father stepped forward and began to give his information that she needed to hear. She had just lost her father three weeks prior to a head on collision, he was a state trooper. He came through for her the same way he would have if he was still physically here and she needed that. This was a girl that still needed her daddy and I could so relate to her in that moment. The messages flowed like a fast moving river and I could feel it soothing her aching heart. It’s such a beautiful experience to see how these messages change people for the better when they get that validation that their loved one is still here just in a different way. Our departed loved ones are always trying to show us signs that they are here. We just have to slow down, be looking, and pay attention. Things have been changing for me lately in how I receive information. My father will bring through a loved one or my grandmother will bring through information during someone’s reading. They help me still in spirit the same way they did in life, and I’m forever grateful for that.

Author: melaniethemessenger

I’m a wife, mother, and Medium. This is my story of my journey.

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