It’s so much more than just a reading

I was in the middle of a phone reading and began to get images of the person I was talking to sitting at her kitchen table with her husband listening to what was being said. As I was receiving these images I asked spirit to show me the house and as I did I was given a tour of the woman’s home. I began to tell her what I was seeing and she was shocked and said that I was describing the inside of her home. That would be the first time that I realized I could do a remote viewing. I would do this several more times without even trying. I also began receiving some different information in my readings, like people’s blood types or health issues, so I called up Pat Longo and we had a chat about that. She had me do what she called a body scan on her and after I did that she told me that I’m what they call a medical Intuitive. I have to admit I was shocked but also thought it was so cool, lol. After we had that chat I really began being pulled to energy work and healings. I had seen Charlie Goldsmith on tv and saw that he had a natural ability to heal people. I also knew that Pat Longo had healed herself from cancer twice with no medical assistance. So I began to offer my services as a healer as well. I like to think of my readings as an all over healing experience for the mind, body, and soul. I will do a body scan and if there is an issue, I’ll most likely pick up on it. I will also pick up on energy blocks that your body holds from past traumas and spirit will help me assist you in clearing that. If you don’t know much about Chakras, nows a good time to look that up and read about them. I think my next few entries may be me sharing a few experiences from my readings with permission of course. Everyone’s reading is different in its own way. I will say this now, in one of my readings I say everything that I get from spirit. Some are very shocked at what they bring through. I just want to remind you that I am a Psychic Medium and do get information about things going on in your life. So if you’re trying to connect with a departed loved one, looking for guidance, needing healing, or wanting to open up to a more spiritual life I’m your gal. Did I say already that I love my life and what I do? If not let me say I am living my dream and wouldn’t change it for anything.

Author: melaniethemessenger

I’m a wife, mother, and Medium. This is my story of my journey.

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