Coming into my own with Spirit

In doing readings I have learned to just say what I get. Whatever comes is for my sitters highest good and is to help them heal from losing a loved one or to heal from past traumas they’ve experienced. Before every reading that I do I sit in prayer or meditation and ask that everything be brought through for my clients highest good and that will break any negative cycles they keep repeating. I’ve learned through readings that families carry cycles that will continue unless broken. I would never have learned about that had I filtered the information given to me my spirit in my readings. It’s a different world when I do readings. My clients want to know all that I get and hang on every word at times. Which is so different from my day to day life that I’ve lived. I truly found my calling in being a medium. In growing up and hearing spirit, I was always being told I talk too much. I was always told to be quiet and not say this or that. I now know the reason I talked too much as a kid was because in the quiet I heard what I didn’t want to hear, spirit. I don’t think anyone can imagine how freeing it is for me to just let go and say what comes in a reading. For me it’s such a freeing thing to just let it flow and give what comes. It’s as much a gift to me and it is my clients. I have had to filter myself for so long and for some who know me they read that and laugh. For if you know me, then you know I speak my mind pretty freely. But it’s what I’ve gotten from spirit my whole life that I’ve had to filter. The knowing of things and messages that some just aren’t open to hearing. Not everyone is as open to speaking to the dead as I am and that’s hard to remember at times. This is all to say I’m so incredibly thankful for my gift of Mediumship and yes I do look at it as a gift. I am so grateful to have it and don’t know what I would do without it now, that I have been able to embrace my true self. It’s such a freeing expression of eternal love and I’m privileged to have a front row seat in every show. I’m grateful to never have to filter myself for this is my life’s purpose, to speak the messages of healing over another.

Author: melaniethemessenger

I’m a wife, mother, and Medium. This is my story of my journey.

2 thoughts on “Coming into my own with Spirit”

  1. You are very special! And your gift makes you extra special! I wish I could have a reading once a week because it makes me feel so wonderfull! I thank God every day that we can hear from our loved ones and he gives this gift to some extraordinary people! Paul and I love you and hope to see you soon!

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