Lessons Learned

So fast forward to adulthood and I’ve been through a lot. One pivotal moment being that we decided to go back to church. I had not been since I was a kid and that was just what I felt we needed as a family. I loved going to church! The ever constant people helping to hold you accountable for your actions made it all very black and white to me of how to be and live and get along with people. It brought me out of my house and into the community. I still do love my church that’s where I got my foundation with God from. I truly believe that without that relationship with God you can’t do this line of work. I have my own beliefs as to who and what God is and it’s not what I learned in church. I have no religion, I’m a spiritual person who believes in a higher power that is God. Anyway, that’s for another session. I would be at church or helping with CCD and someone could be talking to me and whatever was coming out of there mouth was not what I was hearing in my head. And at times they went against each other, which was confusing to me. There were some that at first I just couldn’t stand to be around, later I found out that it was because they had lots of spirit around them.  I was in mass one day and it was time to be quiet and reflect and I was shocked that I heard someone speaking. So I opened my eyes to look around to see just who had the nerve to be talking during mass and to my surprise no ones mouth was moving. As I glanced around I heard the voice get louder and I’m looking at the lady on the end of the pew and I hear her voice but her mouth isn’t moving. I could hear everything she was praying about and I was shocked, scared, and a little tickled at what I was hearing, lol. That ladies and gentlemen was the beginning of my learning to feel a persons energy instead of listening to what was coming out of their mouth. It’s very true when they say, “I don’t need to hear you, I can feel you.” No truer words were ever said. I’ve used this my whole life as my guiding compass. Those first gut instincts have never let me down about a person. I learned a lot about my relationship with God in that building. I also learned that I carry that relationship with me everyday and everywhere I go. I’d like to take this time to thank those that helped me learn so much about God, love, life, trust, and betrayal. These were all lessons that helped push me to open up more to my gift and harness it and learn to control it. It’s a hard thing to hear a person tell you one thing but know that they mean the very opposite of that. I’ve been disappointed, and hurt many times pushing what I knew away because I didn’t want to believe it. I’ve since learned that lesson well and never go against what I feel from spirit. Spirit has no reason to lie. Never discredit your first gut instincts about a person.

Author: melaniethemessenger

I’m a wife, mother, and Medium. This is my story of my journey.

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