Being A Kid That Hears Spirit Can Be Hard

So to follow up on my previous entry, I’ve been connecting with spirit since I was a young child. I always dreaded going to school but not because I didn’t like school. It was because being around so many people with so much going on was completely overwhelming to me. It was already hard to fit in with buck teeth and big eyes much less hearing things and voices that weren’t there. I would have so much anxiety as a child that I would make up illnesses to stay home from school. I should apologize for all the unnecessary doctor visits that my family had to pay for when I was kid, ha ha. My poor pediatrician never could figure out what was wrong with me. As a kid my favorite place to be was outside! I just loved the smell of dirt and the freedom of being able to be me, just myself. Looking back on those times I was so comfortable because I wasn’t alone, I had spirit with me always. I would always get into stuff that I just knew how to do but shouldn’t be doing because I was so young. I was connecting with my relatives that had passed and if I wanted to do something, they would help me out and tell me how to do it. Only my child mind interpreted those messages wrong sometimes, lol. As a medium everything we get from spirit is up for interpretation so as a kid I didn’t have all of that figured out just yet. I always thought that I just had a very vivid imagination. I sure do miss those days of playing outside all day with my sister, they were the best times of my life. My parents separated when I was young so that added to my anxieties as it put around more people and situations where I would get things about people and not understand why I would know the things that I did. My teen years were crazy, to say the least. Mediums are also Empathic and looking back on things that happened I do believe my gift played a part in some difficult situations. It was my mother, my sister and I in one house and we were three very strong minded women that all were always right, lol.  So as you can imagine that didn’t go to smoothly. My poor mother being a Virgo, my sister a Leo, and myself  a Capricorn, no one wanted to back down from anything. I definitely have some fun and crazy memories from those teen years. The one thing that stands out about all of this is that I could always tell how a person truly felt no matter what they said or the facial expressions, I knew the truth. I used this to my advantage a lot as a kid. As I stated in the previous blog my grandmother watched my sister and I everyday after school and during the summer. I would always know when something was wrong. This was one thing that I didn’t like the feeling of, and still don’t quite honestly. That feeling would teach me things later as an adult, but I’ll tell you more about that later.

Author: melaniethemessenger

I’m a wife, mother, and Medium. This is my story of my journey.

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